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 Working with WatchGuard Customer Support

How do I get support for my WatchGuard products?
WatchGuard Customer Support strives to resolve all customer issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. On each case, we will identify the problem, gather relevant information, troubleshoot, and provide a resolution. For more information, see the video tutorial: Open Customer Support Cases.

You can open a new support case through the WatchGuard Support Center.
  • For technical or account-related issues that do not need an urgent response, open a support case online.
  • For urgent technical or account-related problems, contact us by phone.
The attached PDF document gives you guidelines and practical advice on how to resolve your WatchGuard Customer Support issues. The document reviews these frequently asked questions:
  • What Technical Support self-help resources are available to me?
  • When is Technical Support available?
  • How do I contact Customer Support?
  • What if I need support in another language?
  • How can I speed up case resolution time?
  • How do I give feedback on WatchGuard Customer Support?
  • What happens when I submit a case?
  • How do I escalate a case?
  • How do I activate a new WatchGuard product?
  • How are RMAs processed?
  • How do I handle transfers of ownership?
  • What do I need to do if I cannot see all my devices in my account?
If you open a case with Technical Support, please be prepared to provide this information before you call or open a case. This will help us provide resolution as quickly as possible.
  • Product serial number
  • Contact name, primary and alternate phone number, and hours of availability.
  • What is the expected behavior?
  • What behavior do you actually see?
  • Was this working before?
  • How often do the symptoms occur?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you taken? What were the results? Be sure to include things that did not seem to work.
  • For all technical support cases, be sure to provide the information specified in the subsequent sections.


Provide log data from the time of the problem. This can be an export from your Log Server, or a copy and paste of Traffic Monitor or any other readout of log data. Please do not take a screenshot of Traffic Monitor. Instead, copy and paste the log data to a text file.

Network Diagrams

To understand network behavior, it is important to understand how the network is designed. Maintaining an accurate diagram of your network setup will make it easier to manage, and much easier for WatchGuard to troubleshoot.

Packet Captures

A packet capture is a readable output of all packets which enters or leaves an interface. For Firebox or XTM devices, Firebox System Manager can be used to perform packet captures from the device itself. After the packet capture is complete, download the .pcap file and attach it to your case. For best results, capture packets during a test of your technical problem, and provide log data from the same time period.
For more information, see Run Diagnostic Tasks to Learn More About Log Messages in Fireware Help.

Diagnostic File

The diagnostic file generated by your Firebox or XTM device, XCS device, or SSL device includes log data, indicators of device health, and most likely configuration settings for the device.

Firebox or XTM Device

  1. Start Firebox System Manager for the Firebox or XTM device.
  2. Select the Status Report tab. Click Support.
  3. Attach the support.tgz file to the case.
If your Firebox or XTM device runs Fireware OS v11.9.3 or later, make sure to also send any Fault Reports from your device. Because Fault Reports do not appear in the Technical Support case, make sure to advise your Technical Report representative that you have sent the Fault Reports.
For more information about Fault Reports, see Manage Fault Reports in Fireware Help.


  1. In the XCS Web Interface, select the Support tab.
  2. Click Problem Report.
  3. Click Send Now to send this data to Technical Support in an email.


  1. In the SSL Web Interfaces, select the Monitor System tab.
  2. Click Diagnostics File.
  3. Click Create Diagnostics File to create a downloadable diagnostics file for the SSL device.
  4. Attach this file to the case.